For Web3 Builders
Dynamic Modular Services Platform
Builders trust Crestal Blockchain to discover, deploy and upgrade Modular Services by binding decentralized Providers to a verifiable Proof of Performance (PoPTM).

Anyone can stake along Service Providers and get rewarded for maintaining quality modular infrastructure that powers web3 builders across all chains.
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Builders’ quest for the perfect Modular Stack is Sisyphean

Crowded Modular Services landscape

Data Availability, EigenLayer AVSs, Indexing, Oracles, Decentralized Storage and Compute…

Builders must navigate 100s of Lego blocks to design and maintain an optimized web3 stack for their project.

Post Deployment, Builders are locked in

dApp requirements evolve.

Better Modular Services are being launched.

Meanwhile, builders fail to evaluate the opportunity cost of sticking to an outdated setup.

Service Providers aren't efficiently incentivized

There is no provable Performance benchmark that rewards Providers for constantly maintaining the optimal web3 stack for their clients.

Lack of DA programmability

DA configurations and state monitoring cannot be run through smart contracts directly, limiting use case expansions.

Crestal Enables Dynamic Modular Service Economy

Orchestrate Deployment

Infra as a Smart Contract (IaaSC) to abstract Modular Services integration.
Enable Seamless future Service Upgrades, Maintenance and Migration.

Proof of Performance

Benchmark Service Delivery Performance.
Incentivize Quality Work.

Incentivize Innovation

Incentivize Crestal network solvers to build permissionless, specialized Modular Services options meeting market demand.

For dApp Builders

Smarter access to Modular Services with full DevOps automation.

For Modular Service Providers

Increased discoverability, service distribution and monetization.


Our Roadmap

Q2 2024

- Private Testnet
- Whitepaper release
- Integration documentation release
- Social channels and marketing build-up

Q3 2024

- Launch Testnet with MVP
Integrate major Modular Service Providers
Onboard Tier-1 dApps
- Brand & ecosystem building

Q4 2024

- Launch Mainnet / TGE
- Add payment models
- Listings on major CEXes


- Mainnet upgrade with diverse modular service categories
- Onboard independent providers
Decentralized Governance

Use Cases
L2 Rollup
On-chain AI training
GameFi with gaming metadata
Decentralized IDs and reputations
SocialFi with media data
High frequency trading DeFi platforms
Supply chain management
Healthcare data management
Voting systems